The JOY-Verse

A space girl and her friends came to visit earth,
With the pure intention to share joy and serve.

They love to laugh, enchant and speak in verse,
And bring a special gift from the entire cosmos, which is no curse.

Curious adventurers and wild at heart, they venture here, near, and far,
To play and co-create with earthlings where everyone is a star.

Their astonishing discoveries still boggle their global mind,
As it can improve well-being for all men and women-kind.

Most earthlings seem completely unaware of these findings,
Which will generate much delight and relief from unnecessary bindings.

It will be rather unfair not to share a little hint
To show this is not just another stint.

So are you ready for a look and feel?
Then we most certainly have a pleasant cosmic deal.

The joy generation is busy emerging, they joyfully declare,
Who deeply impacts the Earthlings and this beautiful blue planet with much care and flair.

How amazing that you discovered us and landed on this page?
As now you have the chance to experience the Joy rendezvous, no matter your age.

Here you will see and hear all about your joy gene and so much more,
Resulting in abundance and enjoyment, as in this reality there is no lack nor war.

So a warm welcome to the JOY Planet,
No matter where you are or whether your name is Janet.

Together we explore fresh ways and other possibilities,
Go on adventures to activate your joy genius and joyfully dissolve all hostilities.

What is a precious discovery without an opportunity to share it, truth be told,
At the JOY Festival we celebrate you, and you benefit and impact in 3 fold.

Purposeful extraordinary experiences and co-generative quests unfold,
New narratives and world pictures emerge and are ready to be shared and told.

Why the JOY Generation, you may ask,
Isn’t it about time to lose the fear mask?

Soon the Soul of the World will once again begin to blossom and rejoice,
As all earthlings discover and share their joy genius and voice!

Good things come in 3’s
How charming isn’t the JOY Breeze?

Ps. Be aware, if you care to dare,
It is highly contagious and completely outrageous.

We turn things upside down, inside out,
Back to front on this joy route.

And besides, yes all sides, there is no cure for the joy virus,
There is nowhere to hide it, as it is visible in your eye’s iris.

It sparkles like stars and glitters like gold,
And gently warms the hearts of young and old!

Self-generating, it spontaneously multiplies and magnifies with each joy breath,
prolongs and enriches life, and causes no harm or death.

It is impossible to stop this joy tide,
Your magnificent JOY Gene or this JOY ride,
Especially when purposefully directed and applied.